More than just water savings ...

Jeffries Organic Compost & Mulch

Get better control over your environment and increase your soil's efficiency so you have better control over your crop quality, consistency and yield.

7 Benefits of Adding Jeffries Compost and Mulch To Your Vineyards 

  • Improve Your Plants Disease Resistance: Adding compost to soil improves soil physical and chemical properties and increases the number and diversity of bacteria and fungi in the soil.  
  • Increase Your Soil Biota: Amending your soil with quality compost that conforms to the Australian Standard (AS4454) will boost the populations of naturally-occurring bacteria and fungi that can suppress the organisms that cause disease.  
  • Add Plant Available Nutrients: Jeffries Organic Compost increases the amount of nutrients that are available to plants and steadily releasing nutrients over time. 
  • Lower Soil Temperatures in Summer: Vines are more resilient in hot weather events.
  • Buffer Soil Temepratures Throughout The Year: Soil temperature under mulch is less extreme and less variable than bare earth.  
  • Improve Bunch Weights: Barossa Valley Case Study showed that bunch weights were higher in vines with mulch.  
  • Improve Fruit Quality: Soil with mulch layer appeared to have better rainfall permeability during winter - all sites with mulch reached field capacity before vines without mulch.